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UN Ham Radio News from UN6QC

Yuri Gagarin

50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space

On 12 April 1961 at 9 o'clock 7 minutes of Moscow time the Spaceship Vostok 

started off the Airport Baikanur with Pilot-Cosmonaut Jury Alekseevich Gagarin on board. After only 108 minutes the cosmonaut landed at a village of Smelovki in Saratov Region. Only 108 minutes the first flight (compare to the duration of the modern flights, proceeding months) proceeded, but these minutes were to become famous in Gagarin's biography.

For the flight Jury Alekseevich Gagarin was awarded titles ”Hero of Soviet Union” and " Space pilot of the USSR", and Lenin's order in the bargain.

Two days later Moscow welcomed the hero of space. On Red Square there took place a meeting devoted to the execution of the first-ever space flight. Thousand people wanted to see Y. A. Gagarin.

Already at the end of April Jury Gagarin made the first foreign trip. "World mission" was sometimes named a trip of the first cosmonaut to countries and to continents that proceeded two years. Gagarin visited a lot of countries, met thousands of people. Kings and presidents, politicians and scientists, actors and musicians considered it as honour to meet him.

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"The Columbus of the Cosmos” Award


"The Columbus of the Cosmos” Award


В 2011 году отмечается 50-летие полета в космос первого человека – Юрии Гагарина по этому случаю Казахстанский информационный сайт "UN Amateur Radio News”  и Алматинская Радиолюбительская Лига учредили диплом, посвященный этому знаменательному событию. Диплом  доступен только в электронном варианте за связи с Казахстанскими  юбилейными станциями, имеющими префиксы UN50, UO50, UP50, UQ50, а также со станциями UP50ASTR, UP1ASTR и UP7Z (только QTH: Байконур).

Диплом бесплатный, имеет один класс.

Для получения диплома необходимо собрать:

- Казахстан и страны СНГ – 8 очков
- Европа и Азия – 4 очка
- Остальные страны – 2 очка

Аналогичные условия применяются к SWL's.

Очки за связи:

- с UP50ASTR и UP1ASTR – 2 пункты

- UN50SK, UO50G, UP50G, UP50S, UP50F, UP50YG, UQ50G, UQ50L, UQ50P - работают с 01 апреля 2011г., - 1 очко

- UP7Z (QTH: Байконур, только с 07 до 11 апреля 2011) -1 очко.

- UQ40I c 06 по 30 июня 2011г - 1 очко

Разрешается повторную связь.

В том случае связи должны быть проведены  на разных любительских диапазонах, или разными видами связи.

Засчитываются связи проведенные на КВ, УКВ и cross-band.

Засчитываются связи с 1 апреля 2011г по 31 декабря 2011г.

Засчитываются связи проведены в соревнованиях.

Заявку на получение диплома высылать в электронном виде на e-mail: (формат MS Word или MS Exсel).




"The Columbus of the Cosmos” Award


2011 is the year of 50th anniversary of the first human flight to outer space which was done by Mr. Yuri Gagarin. To commemorate this event Kazakhstan information website "UN Amateur Radio News” together with Almaty Amateur Radio League have established a special award under the name The "Columbus of the Cosmos”. The award is issued in electronic format only for QSOs with Kazakhstan special stations using UN50, UO50, UP50, UQ50 prefixes as well as UP50ASTR, UP1ASTR and UP7Z (only QTH: Baikonur).

The award is issued free of charge. It has only one class.

In order to obtain the award points must be collected:

- Kazakhstan and CIS  hams – 8 points.
- Europe and Asia hams – 4 points.
- DX hams – 2 points

Similar terms are applied to SWLs. 


- QSOs with UP50ASTR and UP1ASTR – give 2 points each

- UN50SK, UO50G, UP50G, UP50S, UP50F, UP50YG, UQ50G, UQ50L, UQ50P - active from 01 April 2011 - give 1 point

- and UP7Z (QTH: Baikonur, only 07-11 April 2011) – give 1 point.

- UQ40I
( 06-30 JUNE 2011) - 1 point

It is permitted repeated QSO.  

QSOs with special station can be made on different bands or different modes.

QSOs on HF, VHF/UHF or cross-band are valid.

QSO in the period between April 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011 are valid for the award.

QSO's on contest's are valid.

Applications must be submitted in electronic format by email at (in MS Word or MS Excel file).



UO 50 G - UN2G

UP 50 F - 

UP 50 YG - UN7Z

UQ 50 G - UN6QC

UQ 50 L –

UQ 50 P – UN7PL

UP 50 ASTR –


UQ 40 I - UN7IT