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UN Ham Radio News from UN6QC

DX News

DX News

                       *** The Daily DX (c) ***
                         Volume 15 Number 085
                              May 6, 2011
                Editor/Publisher Bernie McClenny, W3UR

                                DX News

Thassos Island (EU-174), Greece is this year's destination of HA0HW,
Laci, from May 26th to June 5th, including the CQ WPX CW Contest.
He'll be QRV as SV8/HA0HW and J48HW on HF and 6 Meters (grid locator
KN20hs).  He will have a small MOS-FET amplifier with 300-400 Watts
output power.  QSL via HA0HW either direct or via the HA QSL Bureau.

Irish special event station EI66P will be QRV through May 10th in
commemoration of the end of World War II.  QSL cards will
automatically be sent via the bureau and LoTW.  For those who want to
send direct stations from the former Soviet Union can send via US6IKN
and all others via EI4JY.

KB2DY, Pete, will be "traveling to Antigua" and plans to be QRV as
V25GP on 6 meters FM using a Yaesu VX5-R, running 5 watts into a
Diamond SRH940 on 52.525 MHz between May 7th and 17th.

                              Silent Keys

W2BXA, Benjamin H. Stevenson, of Colonia, New Jersey passed away early
yesterday afternoon.  He was 97.  Stevenson was a DX legend who once
was at the very top of the ARRL DXCC tied with DX greats W2AGW and
K6ZO.  His numbers in the DXCC standings are 332/390 (active/total).
First licensed as W2BXA on November 19, 1929 at the age of 15, he was
already a DXer enjoying the BC bands listening to KPO, KNX, KFI and
other California stations.  After being licensed for less than a year
he worked his first DX station in Belgium.  Afterwards the 16 year old
was so excited he was unable to eat his dinner.  He went on to work
every DXCC Entity except the deleted CR8 - Damao Diu.  FI8AC and three
or four other stations in French Indo China were worked however he was
never able to confirm this past DXCC entity.  Ben had many DXCC
accomplishments including obtaining the first CQ WAZ in 1947 and the
first Satellite DXCC in 1978.  He was a Charter member and the first
President of the North Jersey DX Association (NJDXA).

A51KC, Kesang Namgyel, of Bhutan recently unexpectedly passed away.
He was in the first class of licensed hams taught by W0GJ/A52GJ, Glenn
Johnson, in Bhutan in 2000.  Kesang "was one of the most enthusiastic
gentlemen I've ever known", remembers Glenn.  A51KC had a tour and
trekking company.


6 METERS -     50 MHZ - Six Meter ops from VE3, W1-W4, W8 and W9
               reported the following activity yesterday on the "Magic
               Band": 9Y4D, 9Y4VU, C6ANX, CE6RC, CX5CR, LU1DMA,
               LU1EEP, LU1FA, LU4FW, LU7FHS, LU8ATM, LU8EEM, LW3EX,
               OA4TT and VP8NO.  Southern European ops found TJ3AY
               after 1715Z.


The following IOTA stations were active yesterday.

IOTA   Call         Freq. GMT        IOTA   Call         Freq.  GMT
------ ----------   ----- ----       ------ ---------    ----- ----
AF-024 S79DF        14200 1948       EU-123 GS3PYE/P     14197 2224
EU-031 IC8MD        14260 1754       EU-129 DL7VOX/P     10121 1640
EU-034 ES0IC        14073 1735       EU-170 9A4A          3579 1941
EU-042 DF3ZE/P      14012 1549       NA-062 W4/DL1FDH    14257 1850
EU-096 OH1CQ        10110 2217       NA-067 N9TGR/4      18143 2211

IOTA frequencies -
CW  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530
SSB 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3765


Date     End  Prefix Call                       Manager    Ref Vol-No
------ ------ ------ -------------------------- ---------- ----------
6-May  31-May 3A     3A2CWG                     3A2LF          15-066
6-May  20-May 4J     4JV3AM                     RW6HS      15-081 051
6-May   8-Jun 5X     5X1VJ                      UV5EVJ         15-054
6-May  12-May 6W     6W/EA1BT                   EA1BT      15-081 017
6-May   6-May 9G     9G5LL                      PA2LS          15-016
6-May   6-May 9G     9G5LM                      PA2LS          15-016
6-May   4-Jul 9N     9N7AK                      K0YAK      15-081 080
6-May  15-May CE     CE2/CX1EK                  CX1EK      15-081 071
6-May  30-Jun CN     5F6SIA                     G5XW           15-061
6-May  30-Jun CY0    VE1AWW/CY0 (NA-063)        VE1AWW     15-061 059
6-May  18-May DU     DU9/ON5SM (OC-130)         ON5SM          15-075
6-May   7-May F      F4ELJ/p (EU-064)           F4ELJ          15-076
6-May   8-May GM     GS3PYE/p (EU-123)          M0VFC          15-041
6-May   8-May GM     GS6PYE/p (EU-123)          M0VFC          15-041
6-May   1-Aug HH     HH2/PY1ZV (NA-096)         PY1NB          15-063
6-May  31-May HI     HI3/KL7JR (NA-096)         KL7JR          14-222
6-May  13-May HI     HI7/IK8DNJ (NA-096)        IK8LKL         15-056
6-May  22-May HI     HI7/OT4R (OC-096)                         14-210
6-May  15-May HR     HR5/F2JD                   F6AJA      15-051 039
6-May  15-May I      II1ECO                     IZ1KIM         15-061
6-May   7-May JD1/O  JD1BLY (AS-031)            JI5RPT     15-061 042
6-May  13-May JD1/O  JD1BMH (AS-031)            JG7PSJ     15-061 042
6-May   9-May JW     JW6VJA (EU-026)            LA6VJA         15-083
6-May   8-May KH0    KH0PR (OC-086)             JJ8DEN     15-079 078
6-May  31-May OK     OL950CHEB                  OK1MO          15-066
6-May   6-May OZ     OZ/OO4O (EU-172)                          15-066
6-May   1-Sep P2     P29CW (OC-034)             VK2IR   15-017 14-234
6-May  15-Jun PY0/T  PP0T (SA-010)              EB7DX      15-081 068
6-May  14-May SV5    SV5/PA1FJ/p (EU-001)       PA1FJ      15-081 051
6-May  15-Jun TT     TT8PK                      F4EGS          15-065
6-May  31-May UA     R1945HS                    RW6HS          15-081
6-May  15-May V5     V55EME                                    15-081
6-May   9-May V8     V85/9M6XRO (OC-088)        M0URX          15-076
6-May  31-May VE     VC2CQ85                    VE2CQ          15-081
6-May  31-Dec VK0/M  VK0KEV (AN-005)            JE1LET  15-076 14-209
6-May  31-Jul VK0/M  VK0M/ZL4DB/p (AN-005)      ZL4PW          15-075
6-May   6-May VR2    VR2/F4BKV                  F4BKV      15-079 076
6-May   8-May W      W1ACT (NA-046)             N1JOY          15-081
6-May   6-May XE     6J5M                       XE1AMF         15-066
6-May   1-Sep YI9    YI9OBM                     N2OBM          15-046
6-May  13-May ZF     ZF2AT (NA-016)             DH2AK          15-061
6-May  13-May ZF     ZF2TH (NA-016)             DL1THM         15-061
7-May  15-May 9A     9A/IK3AES (EU-110)         IK3AES         15-061
7-May  15-May 9A     9A/IK4RQJ (EU-110)         IK4RQJ         15-061
7-May  15-May 9A     9A/IZ4BBF (EU-110)         IZ4BBF         15-061
7-May  15-May 9A     9A8AMS (EU-110)            9A8AMS         15-061
7-May   9-May HL     DS2GOO (AS-060)            DS2GOO         15-079
7-May   9-May HL     DS3HWS (AS-060)            DS3HWS         15-079
7-May   9-May HL     DS5BSX (AS-060)            DS5BSX         15-079
8-May  21-May 8P     8P9XB                      PT7WA      15-083 081
8-May   9-May YB     YB9/F4BKV (OC-022)         F4BKV      15-079 076

The Daily DX Calendar

Upcoming contest rules & dates

                     Today's Propagation Forecast

Solar activity will be very low to low today and throughout the
weekend.  The geomagnetic field will be quiet until early next week.

Here is the latest 3-day Solar-Geophysical Forecast:

Perhaps the most useful propagation page for Amateur Radio Operators
can be found at

The May 5 Boulder Sunspot Number was 95 and SFI was 105.

                               QSL Info

Call        Manager       Call       Manager      Call       Manager
------      -------       ------     -------      ------     -------
4F9HXB      DL5SDF        GR3KDR     GI3KDR       MR6ADB/P   M6ADB
4JS0RGE     4K4K          GR3SG      GI3SG        PJ7/WW4CP  WW4CP
9A8CW       UA6LCW        GR4RRA     G4RRA        RP66A      RK1OWA
9M2ADX      JH8PHT        GR4ZIB     G4ZIB        RP66LR     RX1CQ
A65BM       W4JS          GR7COD     G7COD        RP66NMZ    UD6A
BD8IK       BA4EG         HI9/CT1GIF/CT1GIF       RP66O      RZ3EC
CE2/CX1EK   CX1EK         IC8MD      IC8ATA       RP66S      RV3LZ
EI66P       EI4JY         JW/SE5E    SM5AJV       RP66W      RK3QWW
EM90AB      UR5AW         LZ66P      LZ1BJ        XV4Y       OK1DOT
FG4NO       F4AVX         MR0CKX     M0CKX        YB0AKM     EA7FTR
GR0BLB      G0BLB         MR0OXO     M0OXO        YV7/UX4UL  UY5ZZ
GR1LAT      G1LAT         MR0SAD     M0SAD

Need a QSL route?  Here are some great free sites for you and your
friends -

QSL cards recently received direct and via managers: BV100, CW5R (SA-
VK5MAV/5 (OC-139) and VU4PB.

QSL cards recently received via the bureau: None reported today.

Confirmations recently received via LOTW: 4A4A, 6V6U, 6W/K3IPK, CP6XE,


Many thanks to the following for the above DX information: HA0HW,

                 Copyright (c) 2011 by Bernie McClenny

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Friday.  This e-mail message and its contents have a copyright and are
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Bernie McClenny, W3UR
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